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The World’s Most Beautiful Cow – Montmagny, Quebec

Canada can lay claim to many wonderful things — the world’s highest tides (Bay of Fundy), the world’s cleanest air (Whitehorse), the world’s largest goose (Wawa).  But one thing we do have in Quebec that really surprises everyone who hears it is that our country also possesses the World’s Most Beautiful Cow — Rose!

Found on a dairy farm in Montmagny, Quebec, Rose has twice won the World’s Most Beautiful Cow competition — the only cow in history to have ever done this!  It’s no easy feat at she was competing with other beautiful cows from all over the world and her lines, bones and venation have to be almost perfect.  But Rose beat all other comers to take home the title, and she did it twice.  Way to go Rose!

But all the praise cannot go to Rose alone.  Her owner Pierre Boulet needs to take some of the credit for raising such beautiful cows.  Not only does he have the wonderful two-time champion Rose, but he also has many other cows who have won national and international awards.  If you don’t believe us travel to his farm to check out his trophy room; it’s jammed with ribbons, medals, plaques, trophies, magazine covers and many other awards.

There is a science to raising a beautiful cow and Pierre has perfected it.  He’s a proud farmer who loves the thrill and satisfaction that comes with breeding the best.  Even though he’s a quiet, modest man he has a competitive fire that burns bright in his soul.   Speak to him about his cows and you’ll notice it right away.

He’s a great Quebecer and a great Canadian.  Congratulations Pierre and Rose.

Best of luck in the next competition!

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